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  • 2014〜FM802主催のロックフェス「RADIO CRAZY」8×15mの巨大手描きバナーを毎年制作
  • 2018 株式会社Indeed 東京オフィス壁画制作
  • 2019 台湾,高雄市主催のストリートアートフェスティバルにて25×30mの壁画を制作


An artist unit that are composed by 2 members. They are active mainly in Osaka but are also active out of Japan.  

They are fond of live painting and creating wall art, which is made by their experience and talent.  Hitch draws concrete motifs such as people and animals. The other member Simo draws abstractly by getting the inspiration from nature. The combination of the two makes an  high quality art with their unique style.  They propose a lifestyle where art is naturally being part of our daily life and a lifestyle that can be colored with close friends, through art that can’t be created by one person. 

【Main Career】

  • 2014 work for handwriting big banner (8×15m) project presented by FM802 rock festival 「RADIO CRAZY」in every year
  • 2018 mural for Indeed Inc. in Tokyo office
  • 2019 20x30 mural for Kaohsiung Mural Festival at The Wallriors, Kaohsiung, Taiwan